About Us

Tactical Firepower Inc. was established in 2010 as a subsidiary of Shade’s Landing Inc. and incorporated as it’s own company in 2013. We still hold carry permit courses in Isle and Pine City Minnesota as part of the Shade’s Landing Inc. company.

Today we offer world class and professional firearms training. Our Lead Instructor is Jason Shade who is the instructor and publisher of the Tactical Firepower Handgun System: A three DVD set containing over 4.5 hours of video shot in high definition that will make you a better shooter. Just look at what Amazon.com customers have had to say about the DVD set.

We also instruct shooters in the basic fundamentals of firearm marksmanship and defensive shooting. And we of course we offer advanced classes with our Tactical Firepower II & III courses.

Look for upcoming rifle courses in the near future.


The Tactical Firepower System is easy, instinctive, and natural. Try us out at your earliest convenience.